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Awo, on the trail of a titan: essays in celebration of the Obafemi Awolowo centennial

“… his trajectory was providentially placed in a nation that , more than any other developing country, needed him most, a space of  both human and material  resources that was singularly  fitted to his massive capabilities, and this , sadly, was denied.” … Wole  Soyinka.
Chief  Obafemi  Awolowo, Nigeria  statesman  and one – time premier of Nigeria’s Western Region, spent most of his  life analyzing problems that beset the  country as well as suggesting  viable solutions to them . As politician and head of government,  he set a pace of development that should by now have taken Nigeria to an enviable position among the world’s  leading  economies, if the whole country had followed his example. In 1987 when he died,  Nigeria was still groping in the dark and reeling under the yoke of military rule; and now in 2009, the country merely drifts on.
In this book celebrating the centennial of his birth , many scholar examine the record of this great African philosopher, politician and leader, and show that his thoughts and methods – especially his emphasis on the development of individual man –contain the remedy for Nigeria’s, nay Africa’s, underdevelopment.
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