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The HEALING RADIANCE OF THE SOUL: A guide to Holistic Healing By Anselm Adodo
The Healing Radiance if the Soul goes a step further beyond the use of herbs to the exploration of the totality of nature towards healing process. This exploration has taken the author to the realms of cosmology and the life power in the stars, accessing the sciences of power and energy, modern technology, the untapped forces of the spiritual power in the human person, with some analysis of human and animal bio-contents. The set goal is holistic healing through all the available elements in the cosmos: Spiritual power, mind energy, cosmic forces and their waves and rays, animals and vegetable potency, without leaving out the dust of the earth to which all flesh shall finally return like the flowing ‘River of Life’ at the close of the book.
Nature Power: A Christian Approach to Herbal Medicine By Anselm Adodo
When Nature Power was first published twelve years ago, the practice of herbal medicine in Nigeria and in most parts of Africa was identified with witchcraft, sorcery, ritualism, and all sorts of fetish practices. Because herbal medicine was associated with paganism, African Christians secretly patronize traditional healers, and the educated elite and religious figures did not want to be associated in any way with traditional African medicine. Nature Power, like a lonely voice in a wilderness, was written to correct the misconception that African herbal medicine is synonymous with paganism, ritualism, and fetishism. Since its publication, Nature Power has been reprinted more than eight times. It has contributed immensely in changing the attitudes of both the government and Christians toward the practice of herbal medicine. Nature Power has also helped show that health is more than an absence of disease. Health is wholeness of mind, soul, and body. Much of the information in this book is age-old secrets, which herbalists keep close to their chests. I have made them available here so that humanity may profit from them.

Herbal Medicine and the Revival of African Civilization By Anselm Adodo
The aim of this book is to show that Herbal medicine is a key part of African civilization and is necessary to the economic, social and cultural recovery of Africa…. For every sickness, there is a plant somewhere in the garden to cure it. Somewhere in the African garden is a plant for the cure of cancer. Somewhere in the African garden is a plant for the cure of diabetes, or hypertension, or malaria. Medicine, whether orthodox or alternative, started in the bush. Many human beings came from plant sources. And I believe that the best is yet to come. Right there in the African bush, the dead bone shall rise, men and women of wisdom, of vision, and of knowledge shall rise and change the face of the earth.  …Civilization started in Africa. Africa is the home of humanity. Africa is not the third world. Africa is the first world.
Disease and Dietary Patterns By Anselm Adodo
The labelling of chronic diseases as “diseases of affluence” is no longer valid as they also appear in poorer countries. Paradoxically, it is occurring at a faster rate in developing countries than it did in the industrialized regions of the world half a century ago. This book is based on a field work carried out in a semi-urban area of mid-west Nigeria. The author observed that ignorance and lack of proper health information are substantial impediments to good dietary habits in Africa, not just lack of money. This research work is of utmost importance as a reference for researchers, students, and health scientists. It is also a rich source of information for the general public as well as an action plan guide for government, health economists, health administrators and policy makers.
Herbs for Healings By Anselm Adodo
It is a well-known fact that things are generally hard. We are experiencing difficult times. Most people cannot afford three square meals daily, yet many basic bills must be settled mostly that which pertains to life-medical, for it is often said that “Health is Wealth”. But the matter of poor health is daily becoming alarming and a matter of serious concerns. Death rate is high but I believe it is due to ignorance of what herbs around us can do for us. It is part of our efforts to sustain this precious gift of God to us, that this book is published, so as to know some basic things to do about poor health.
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