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Scholastic Children's Encyclopedia
Scholastic Children's Encyclopedia is a must have for children 9years upwards, its a one stop resource learning for kids it helps them have a general idea about science, art, animals, the human body, space among others it will sure help them during quiz, and tests on general knowledge
Antonyms-Enrich Your Grammar By Vas Gratian
There's more to learning a language than language learning alone! So here's a book that is a handy reference tool for anyone wishing to build up a rich vocabulary. This book, in conjunction with its companion volume, The Sterling Book of Synonyms, will be specially useful to scribes and students of English. It lists headwords alphabetically followed by their opposites. So no more thumbing through or turning of pages, before you hit upon the right word!
For upper-intermediate to Advanced learners. Ideal for FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC and IELTS TOEFL, SAT, WAEC, NECO GCE preparation.
Packed full of study extras, the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary can help you on your way to becoming a confident, natural-sounding English speaker.
Clear definitions and prominent guidewords come as standard, and hundreds of pictures and illustrations highlight variations in meaning that are essential for you as an advanced learner.
NEW! Extra help section; illustrations; photos; maps; and the innovative “Let’s Talk” section which focuses on conversation and how people really speak in day-to-day situations.
NEW! “Common mistake” boxes based on real learner errors from Cambridge ESOL exams, help you to avoid typical mistakes.
NEW! Thesaurus boxes provide alternatives to over-used words, helping you to widen your vocabulary and make your English sound more natural.
NEW! “Word partner” boxes show you how to use words as a native speaker would.
Collins Dictionary of the English Language
The new Collins Dictionary of the English Language is a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary, and an endlessly browsable 'good read' for language lovers. Elegantly packaged, with attractive yet durable binding, this is the perfect gift for the dictionary buff or language lover in your life.

This dictionary contains all the words and definitions you need every day, plus over 200 essays and special features on a wide range of language topics. With essays on topics such as the history of English, the influence of other languages on English, English as it is used around the world, the language of historically important writers (including Chaucer and Shakespeare), and grammar controversies, this dictionary is also packed with a wealth of information.
This is The World’s Most Trusted Dictionaries.
The world-famous Concise Oxford English Dictionary presents the most accurate picture of English today.
  • Rich, authoritative coverage of the English language including scientific and technical terms as well as English from around the world.
  • Newly updated, based on the latest research from the Oxford Corpus.
  • Clear layout, tested for readability, to help you find the information you need quickly and easily.
Over 240,000 words,phrase, and meanings.
A Dictionary of Philosophy of Religion
A Dictionary of Philosophy of Religion is an indispensable resource for students and scholars. Covering historical and contemporary figures, arguments, and terms, it offers an overview of the vital themes that make philosophy of religion the growing, vigorous field that it is today. It covers world religions and sources from east and west. Entries have been crafted for clarity, succinctness, and engagement.
    The Perfect English language reference companion for students of all disciplines
    English grammar and usage
    English idioms and everyday phrases
    English terms from the worlds of business, computing, science and the arts.
    Arranged in A to Z format and by theme
    Useful appendices

With fierce competition in most employment sectors it is not enough for today’s graduate just to be well-versed in his or her particular subject. It is vital that a modern student is armed with a strong command and understanding of the English language.

The Students’ Companion intended to supply any undergraduate with a comprehensive knowledge of not only English grammar and usage but also English idioms and phrases in everyday use and English terms and words from the worlds of business, computing, science and the arts. The appendices contain useful sections on world facts, scientific classification, chemical elements and letter writing.

This instructive volume is ideal for an all-round general knowledge of the English language.
The British Pharmacopoeia 2019 Edition

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) 2019 offers the most comprehensive collection of British and European standards. Each edition includes around 4,000 monographs for pharmaceutical substances and medicinal products, the BP (Veterinary) and all European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) monographs.

What's included?

In addition to all European Pharmacopoeia texts being included, the new edition also features:

  • 27 new BP monographs, 39 new Ph. Eur. monographs
  • 117 amended BP monographs
  • Four new monographs for unlicensed formulations and two new monographs for herbal preparations
  • Two new monographs for biological medicines
  • One new and six amended BP Veterinary monographs
  • All monographs from the Ph. Eur. 9th Edition and Supplements 9.1 to 9.5
  • Three in-year online and offline download product updates to integrate the Ph. Eur. Supplements 9.6, 9.7 and 9.8

Ensure you get the best value access to the information you need. The BP is offered in a range of flexible licenses and formats – including full online access – for you to choose from.

The BP 2019 complete package

  • Six-volume printed edition, including the BP (Veterinary) 2019

  • Single-user online licence*

  • Single-user download for offline use*

1000 Amazing Facts of the World By Henry Ogunbodede
1000 Amazing Facts of the World is a book, compiled by Henry Ogunbodede "EmmCee RNB".

This handbook of world amazing facts
wasborne out of Mr. Henry's love for research and the internet.

Get ready to get your mind blown by the well researched and elucidated Amazing world discoveries and event, Inspirational Quotes, African proverbs and Nigeria Historical evolution

This book is a must have for every seeker of knowledge.

Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary 11e By Woodley
For over 80 years, Osborn's has been the dictionary of choice for law students. With over 4,700 references from the obscure to the everyday it contains everything needed for the study of law. No matter what the subject, Osborn will cover it with references on Criminal Law, Company Law, International Law through to EU and Constitutional Law. Osborn's also includes an extensive citations list, a useful tool for finding and understanding journal and law report abbreviations
My Diko: The Yoruba-Englsh Vocabularies' Teacher
Let us learn Yoruba to learn English. Learn English to understand Yoruba and be better proficient in both languages.
Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary By Daniel Jones 18th ED Original Version
One of the best English tutorial you'll ever get your hands on!
With more than 80,000 entries and 220,000 pronunciations, Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary is the ultimate guide to English pronunciation and now comes with a CD-ROM. Thousands of pronunciations not shown in general dictionaries are included, from people and places, to words from science, technology and literature, such as Beckham, Eminem, Google, Prozac.
Key Features:
- Full coverage of British and North American pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet.
- Colour headwords.
- New! 200 information panels explain phonetics terminology and the relationship between spelling and pronunciation. And now available with a CD-ROM!
- Spoken pronunciations for every word.
- Facility to record your own pronunciation and compare it with the voice on the CD-ROM.
- Search by alphabet or phonetic symbols.
- Interactive pronunciation exercises.
Updated edition with 200 new information panels, colour headwords and unique CD-ROM. With more than 80,000 entries and 220,000 pronunciations, Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary is the ultimate guide to English pronunciation. Thousands of pronunciations not shown in general dictionaries are included, from people and places, to words from science, technology and literature, such as Beckham, Eminem, Google, Prozac. PLEASE NOTE: This CD-ROM is not compatible with Windows Vista. Please see the new 17th edition for a Vista-compatible version
Encyclopedia Britannica 32 Volume
The Encyclopædia Britannica (Latin for "British Encyclopaedia"), published by Encyclopædia ... The 2010 version of the 15th edition, which spans 32 volumes and 32,640 pages.
Encyclopedia of the Yoruba By TOYIN FALOLA
The Yoruba people today number more than 30 million strong, with significant numbers in the United States, Nigeria, Europe, and Brazil. This landmark reference work emphasizes Yoruba history, geography and demography, language and linguistics, literature, philosophy, religion, and art. The 285 entries include biographies of prominent Yoruba figures, artists, and authors; the histories of political institutions; and the impact of technology and media, urban living, and contemporary culture on Yoruba people worldwide. Written by Yoruba experts on all continents, this encyclopedia provides comprehensive background to the global Yoruba and their distinctive and vibrant history and culture.
Modern Hausa-English Dictionary Edited by Paul Newman
Originally published to meet the need for a practical dictionary both for native Hausa speakers and for those wishing to learn or improve their knowledge of the language, the dictionary has remained in demand since publication. Compiled by the Centre for the Study of Nigerian Languages in Kano as a concise, compact and readily usable tool, the selection of words has been limited to those likely to occur in everyday conversation, books, newspapers and other mass media. It includes a large number of modern words adopted into Hausa. Main entries give spelling and punctuation, variant spellings and cross-references, and special notations for verbs. Grammatical categories, or parts of speech, give verbs and verbal nouns, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions and ideophones. Guidance is also given on definitions and usage.
Canon C. W. Wakeman’s introduction to the first edition of this Dictionary records that the first Dictionary of the Yoruba language was published in the year 1843, compiles by Samuel (afterwards Bishop) Crowther. This was greatly altered and considerably enlarge for a new edition in 1852. For many years this book was standard work on the Yoruba language. The printing plates of the 1937 edition were destroyed in an air raid on Exeter early in the Second World War. Since then the Dictionary has been out of print. The Oxford University Press has agreed with the Church Missionary Society to meet the urgent demand for the book by printing the text photographically, in order to avoid the further delay that revision would involve.
A comprehensive reference material meant to solve the problems of meanings, usages and interpretation of words both in English and Yoruba languages.
Usage and classes of words are defined with lists of names of birds, plants and trees in the two languages. The botanical names given to the lists of plants, trees and birds are without any confusion.
This dictionary is a useful material for research, academic exercisers and presentations.

Igbo-English Dictionary by Micheal J.C. Echeruo
Igbo-English is the first comprehensive dictionary of the Igbo language since the earliest attempts at providing such a document were first made. It is a rich, well researched collection of vterms from various dialects of Igbo, with their extended meanings given in English.
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