Neck Pain: Causes, Prevention and Treatment By Arthur Winter

Neck has been exquisitely engineered buy nature to take all kinds of stress and strain. Yet many of us are likely to suffer neck pain at some time or the other, during our life.

Neck pain is a subtle offender and can cause varied symptoms as dizziness, headaches, blurred vision or numbness in a limb. It is common but often ignored problem in most adults. For some it is temporary but a high nuisance condition that disappears over time. Others require sound medical diagnosis and expert treatment to relieve their symptoms. Successful treatment depends as much on accurate diagnosis as on active personal participation. Some of the most effective treatments are related to our daily habits and daily lives.

Concise, comprehensive and medically sound, this book provides helpful ideas and practical tips on preventing and eliminating neck pain. Whether deciding on preventive exercises, selecting a collar or considering professional help, this book is your personal guide. This book discusses the causes and results of problems that relate to the neck. These are described in accurate but understandable language. Many preventive and corrective means are explained, including exercises that are beneficial in maintaining optimal strength and normal condition of the neck.

Awareness, prevention and treatment options are the focus areas of this book.

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