Overcoming Stress By Dr. Christan Schriner

    30 ways to handle anxiety, tension and frustration.

    This book is about positive ideas, healthy attitudes and feeling good. It is about bouncing back to life and not letting everyday tensions, emotional upsets or stressful situations dent your cheerful nature and sunny disposition.

    The author, Dr. Christian Schriner, a practicing physiotherapist and an expert in stress management, discusses how you can handle and overcome stress as it happens. Anxiety, frustration and tension often result from our struggling to achieve something positive or resisting the negative, or tensely trying to resolve multiple problems. Based on years of experience, the author shares some of the most effective and successful techniques of rapidly releasing tension and emotional stress: ways of 'letting go'.

    All of us have the ability to let go. The book explains how to and how you can. The methods fall under three categories: Relaxers, Distractors and Releasers. All are designed to be effective within 3 minutes or so, and not to interfere with your motivation or energy levels. They will make you feel both relaxed and alert at the same time. With these accelerated stress busters, you can feel good, have fun and go dancing with your mind, rather than fighting with it.

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