An inaugural lecture is an occasion of significance in an academic staff member's career at the University. Inaugural lectures provide newly appointed professors with the opportunity to inform colleagues, the campus community and the general public of their work to date, including current research and future plans. Professors are usually required to give their inaugural lecture within 12 months of their appointment.
Inaugural lectures are a ceremonial occasion, and academic robes are worn by the inaugural professor and the rest of the platform party.

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University Lectures
  1.  Shaw: Why Darkest Africa? Archaeological Light on an Old Problem, 1975 N500.00
  2.  Faniran: Water Resources Development in Nigeria N500.00
  3.  Ikede: Nigerian Livestock Industry N500.00
  4.  Adene: The Cornerstones in Poultry Health and Production N500.00
  5.  Omorogbe: Why We Have no Energy N500.00
  6.  Aworh: Food Technology and National Development: A Global Perspective N500.00
  7.  Itiola: Pharmacy and Society: Thriving on Trust, Trends and Technology N500.00
  8.  Bamisaiye: What is Man that We Should Educate Him? N500.00
  9.  Nwagwu: Beyond the Double Helix: Biology and the Social Order N500.00
Inaugural Lectures
Combined Lectures, Vol. I: 1992-1997, 726pp; N5,500.00
Combined Lectures, Vol. II: 1998-2002, 687pp; N5,000.00
Combined Lectures, Vol. III: 2003-2006, 590pp; N5,000.00
      (N350.00 each)

Abatan:Poisons and Poisonings: The Nightmarish of a Society Without Diagnostic Tools

Abdul-Rahmon: Illiterate Scholars and National Development: The Arabic Web in Yoruba Loom

Abioye: Microscopic View of Life and Death

Aboyade: The Making of an Informed Society

Adebo: Universities, Nurses and Nursing

Adedeji: Theatre in an African University

Adedipe: Plant Function and Mankind Action

Adegboye: Land and Livelihood

Adeniyi: Microbes: Culprits and  Their Attackers on Nature’s Field

Adepegba: African Art: Forms Across ‘Tribes & times’

Adesina: The Future of the Past

Adeyefa: Influenza Influences All Influential Creatures Great and Small

Adeyemi: Engineering Geology: The Big Heart for Structures and the Environment

Adeyoju: Our Forests and Our Welfare

Adu: That Our Children will not Die

Aduke Adebayo: The Nature and Functions of Literature: The Comparatist’s Perspective

Afonja: Facts, Figures and Falsehood Syndrome in Society

Agbedana: Cholesterol and your Health

Agbede: Healthy Fish for Man

Aiyepeku: Developing Information for Development Information

Ajaiyeoba: Natural Remedies: Evolutional and Revolution

Ajuwon: Adolescence: The Excitement, Complexities and Challenges

Akinpelu: Relevance of Education

Akinyele: Give us this day our daily bread

Akoroda:  The Best Seeds of the Best Crop Varieties: A Basis for Nigeria’s Food Security

Akpavie: Animal Diseases Patterns and Protein Supply in Nigeria

Albert: Pinched, Ditched or Jinxed: The Mantra of African Solution to African Problems

Alegbeleye: Past Imperfect, Present Continuous, Future Perfect: The Challenges of  Preserving Recorded Information

Anyanwu: The Human Commonwealth

Araromi: The Teaching of French in Nigeria: Historical Panorama, Pedagogical  Consideration and Motivational Strategies

Arotiba: Orofacial Tumours: Combating the Enemy at the Gateway and Putting a Smile on  the Face

Arowojolu: The Mirror and the Body

Atinmo: Nutrigenomics: A Neglected Corner Stone in National Development

Atinmo: Including the Excluded: Providing Equitable Access to Information

Ayoola: Mathematics Profession as a Formidable Vehicle for Development

Bababunmi: Power House of the Living Cell

Babatunde: Tottering Nigerian Livestock Sector

Bajah: Evolution, Revolution and Innovation in Science Education

Bakare: Microbes and Moral – An Unlikely Love Affair

Balogun: Dancing in the Social Jungles

Bamgbose: The Sentence, The Sentencer and the Sentenced Towards Prisons Reforms

Bamgboye: Medical Statistics: A Microscope for Health and Disease

Bamkole: Chemical Industrialization of Nigeria

Banjo: Grammar and Grammarians

Banjo: The Deteriorating Use of English in Nigeria

Charles-Owaba: The Man and Machines that Change the World

Chheda: Plant Breeding and Conquest of Hunger

Chinedum Babalola: Drugs and Mankind: A Display of Uniqueness

Christophersen: Bilingualism

Dudley: Scepticism and Political Virtue

Egbokhare: The Sound of Meaning

Egbunike: A Toast for Spermotozoa: One half the story of mammalian life

Egunyomi: Mosses and Mankind

Ekhaguere: Proofs and Paradigms: A Mathematical Journey into the Real World

Ekundayo: Nature’s Gifts: Essences, Oils and Plants

Emeke: Psychology in Evaluation and Evaluation in Psychology: Experiences of a  Counsellor-Evaluator

Esuruoso: Battle Without End On the Farm

Ette: On Lightning, Thunder and Rain

Fagbemi: The Tapestry of Parasitism

Falase: The Human Heart

Falaye: Fish: A Jewel in Land and Sea Environment

Familusi: Children, Viruses, Problems and Promises

Faniran: Landform and Man: A Geomorphologist’s View Point of the Man and Nature Conroversy

Farai: Atomic Energy: The Myth and the Truth

Fasola: The Tripod of Maxillofacial Trauma: The Injury, the Injured and the Injury Career

Fawole: Phytonematology: Small Animals, Big Impact

Folorunso: Interrogating the Evidence: The Nigerian Cultural Landscape

Garba: The Impossibility of Sound Economic Outcomes in Business and in Governance without Sound Management

Hamzat: From Ward to Ward: The Neurophysiotherapist As a Returning Officer

Hassan: Environmental Biology – An Adaptive Course in Zoology: University of Ibadan Experience

Ikede: Living and Dying in Creatures Great and Small

Ikime: Through Changing Scenes; Nigeria History Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Ikotun: Protecting Crops for Increased Productivity

Inanga: Accounting and Accountability

Isiugo-Abanihe: Continuity and Change in Nigeria’s Fertility Regime

Isoun: Animal Protein, Malnutrition and the Science of Disease

Itiola: Drug Formulation: Between Art, Science and Technology

Iwara: The Linguistic Situation in Nigeria and its Implications for Sustainable Development

Jaiyeoba: Drugs are Either Magic or Technology

Jaiyesinmi: Cruelty to Children by Nature and by Man

Kujore: The Classical Discipline: A Luxury or A Necessity?

Lawoyin: My Journey to and Stewardship at the Supreme Court

Lawuyi: The Sceptical Public, the Public Managers and the Decline of the Moral Public on Nigerian Public Space

Layiwola: A Place Where Three Roads Meet: Literature, Culture and Society

Lucas: Too Much Food for Thought But Very Little for the Table

Magbagbeola: Pain Agency and Triumph

Malomo: Nuerosurgery: Tinkering with the Structure of the Mind

Moody: The Sense and Nonsense of Traditional Medicine in Africa – The Odyssey of a Herbalist Grandson in Natures Laboratory

Nwagwu: The Third Face of the Coin

Nwazuoke: Resolving Creativity Crisis in the Education Sector Through Paradigm Shifts

Nwolise: Is Physical Security Alone Enough for the Survival, Progress and Happiness of Man?

Obanya: Teaching and Cheating

Odelola: Who is Afraid of the Microbes

Oderinde: Chemistry for Industry, Wealth, Infrastructure and Life

Odiaka: Organometallics: The Indispensable Link in Modern Chemistry

Oduye: Veterinary Medicine and Nation Building

Okunade: Leadership: The Big Challenge

Ogunbiyi: Human Forms and Matters Arising from Dark Moments

Ogunseyinde: Darkness to Light: Evolution and Unmasking of Shadows and Images

Oguntoyinbo: Climate and Mankind

Ojo: Microbes, Man and Animals: The Struggle for Survival

Okafor: Location, Distribution, and Questions of Justice

Oke: Form and Function: The Inseparable Twins in Veterinary Medicine

Okogun: Of Chemistry, Herbs, and the Future

Okpako: Good Drugs Don’t Grow on Trees or, Do They?

Okunrotifa: Strategies and Tactics of Curriculum Reform in Developing Nations

Oladepo:  Down the Miry Clay Avenue: Engaging the 3/5 Auxiliary Gear

Oladiran: Atmospheric Dynamics and Regional Contribution to the Earth’s Energy Balance and Global Warming

Olaniyi: Pharmacy and Drugs in the Conquest of Disease

Olatubara: Housing in Nigeria: The Different Breed Imperatives

Olayide: The Food Problem

Olayinka: Imaging the Earth’s Subsurface

Ologhobo: Animal Feed Hazards: Lifegivers and Lifetakers

Olorunnisola: Harnessing the Forester’s Harvest for Sustainable Development

Olorunsogo: From Power House to Pumps: Memoirs of a Mitochondriac

Oluleye: Industrial Engineering, Development, and the Productivity Nexus in Synchrony

Olu-Owolabi: My People Perish for Lack of Philosophy:

Olurin: Looking Through the Window

Oluwande: Engineering Against Tropical Environ-mental Health Hazards

Oluwatosin: The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

Omibiyi-Obidike: Nigeria in the Context of the International Musical World: Problems and Prospects

Onilude: Pulp and Paper Industry: The Neglected Goldmine in Nigeria

Onwuka: The Resilience of Anatomy

Osho: Mathematical Statistics in a Forced Marriage with Forestry

Osibanjo:  Giving the earth a Future: Chemicals, Wastes and Pollution Risk Factors

Osinusi: Choose Your Mother Right and Live

Oso: Fungi and Mankind

Osofisan: Transforming Data Dust to Data Gold

Otite: The Presence of the Past

Oyelaran: Written in Flames: A Tale of Environment in Peril

Oyewale:Blood Characteristics of Big, Small, Wild and Domesticated Animals

Patel: Adapting Agric. Extension to the Development Needs of Nigeria

Popoola: The Bench, the Bar and the Challenge

Raji-Oyelade: Fluent In(ter): Webs of the Literary Discipline

Salako: The Romance of a Silent Killer: Equal Love and Hatred for All

Sangodoyin: Soil, Water and Wastes: A Complex Relationship

Sangodoyin: Soil, Water and Wastes: A Complex Relationship

Sanya: Physiotherapy and Wellness: Rung of the Ladder

Scarborough: Foundation and Roots

Scrinivasan: Energy, Man, and Society

Shokunbi: Bleed Not, Child

Shyllon: Freedom, Justice, and the Due Process of Law

Sowumi: A Mathematical Essay on Polygamy and Mass Action

Sowunmi: On the Trail of a Deadly Foe

Teriba: Illusions and Social Behaviour

Toye: Biological Success: The Arthropods’ Claim

Udo: Land Policy for Effective Management of the National Economy

Udoh: The College That is Health Education

Yakubu: Within and Without: The Relevance and Potency of the Law Beyond our Frontiers

Youdeowei: Insects and Nigerians
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