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Academics, Epidemics and Politics: An Eventful Career in Public Health by IDRIS MOHAMMED (Paperback)
Prof. Mohammed, an academic, researcher, and public health physician gives us his lucid views on how physicians can practice medicine in an unjust world.
Beauty & Health through Ayurveda By Vaidya Suresh Chaturvedi
Discover the power of Ayurveda, the ancient science of medicine and how it works wonders in keeping you healthy and beautiful.

Beauty and Health through Ayurveda offers guidelines to achieve natural beauty with herbal compositions using honey, milk, oilve, etc. and remedies based in the principles of Ayurveda. This books is a holistic guide to perfect health and beauty. Various ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of several skin and dental disorders, eye problems, hair problems, etc. have been given. This book also provides the therapeutic benefits of various flowers like rose, jasmine and lotus. In addition, the medicinal benefits of different types of fruits and vegetables have also been discussed.

So grab the book and know more about ayurveda to regain good health and beauty.

Vaidya Suresh Chaturvedi is a Ayurvedic practitioner. He is the founder of the Ayurvedic Herbal Research Centre and the vice-president of Dhanvantri Medical Foundation. He was also the principal of KGMP Ayurvedic College and the member of the Governing Coucil and Finance Committee of Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidya Peeth and National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur. For his contribution to the field of Ayurveda, he was awarded Padamshree. He is also the director of Emami Pvt Ltd. He has written more than 25 books on Ayurveda.

Table of Content...

01. Eight Methods to Maintain Good Health
02. Exercises for a Beautiful Body
03. A to Z of an Attractive Body
04. Eyecare for Beauty
05. Flourishing Flowers
06. Ornaments
07. Remedies for Some Diseases
08. Foods for Health and Beauty
09. Benefits of Various Fruits
10. Beauty from Home Salon
Exercising for a Healthy Heart By Paul Vodak

A sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is one of the top risk factors for heart disease. Fortunately, it's a risk factor that you can do something about. When you have a heart disease, it is very important to exercise regularly. If you aren't already active, your doctor may want you to begin an exercise program. Even if you can only do a small amount of exercise, it is better than not doing any exercise at all. Being physically fit enhances the quality and the length of our lives, but most of us can't seem to find time. To make it work for you, it must become a top priority. Health is a very precious gift and deciding to stay fit is a way of protecting that gift.

Regular exercise has many benefits. It can:

  • Strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Improve your circulation and help your body use oxygen better.
  • Improve your heart failure symptoms.
  • Increase energy levels so you can do more activities without becoming tired or short of breath
First Aid: Health Solutions By Savitri Ramaiah
First aid is a crucial step in a health emergency. It can be provided by anybody anywhere, but one should be aware of the correct first aid methods for specific conditions like cramps, bleeding injuries, accidental falls, burns and poisonous bites. This book gives you tips to cope with any accident, and prevent the worsening of the condition. It helps you handle the situation before the doctor arrives.
Health Care Delivery Under Conflict How Prepared is West Africa? By Adedoyin Soyibo

The broad objective of the study is to appraise the readiness of West African countries to provide health care in post-conflict environments. It is particularly concerned with the building of sustainable national and regional human, material and institutional capacity in order to confront specific health problems induced by conflict.

The conflict countries under consideration are Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone. Factors considered are the health impacts of armed conflicts and how these are addressed; the health status of post-conflict countries; epidemiological patterns; and the overall linkages between health, poverty and conflict. The study further considers the contributions of international and statutory agencies, NGOS, and regional bodies, such as ECOWAS, and the West African Health Organisation; and the provision of legal and institutional frameworks for health care. It ends with several recommendations and conclusions, notably that West African countries are not adequately prepared for health care delivery either under conflict or post-conflict; and that ECOWAS and agencies at regional level are not equipped to deal with the problems either.

The Programme on Global Security and Sustainability of the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation funded the research that gave rise to this publication.

Adedoyin Soyibo is Professor of Economics, and Director of the Health Policy and Training and Research Programme and the Department of Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has worked in the field of health economics for several international organisations such as the World Bank, IMF, World Health Organisation and International Labour Organisation.

Menopause: Health Solutions By Savitri Ramaiah
Menopause is a natural process and not a disease. This book will help dissipate all apprehensions about menopause. It focuses on the basic facts of menopause, the management of some of its troublesome symptoms and its effect on the various other organs and systems of the body. There are also tips given to deal with several health problems that may ensue after menopause.

Table Of Contains..

01. Allopathy
02. Ayurveda
03. Homoeopathy
04. Nature Cure
05. Unani
06. Herbal Extracts
Natural Men's Health By Sach
The world is changing and so are we. Life expectancy is longer than ever before and everyone's lives are getting busier. Lifestyle and diet management, as well as a more natural approach towards health-related issues, can not only provide us sustained good health but also energy to flourish in the face of stress, long hours and all the complications of life in the 21st century. This book is about getting on top of your life and making the changes necessary to improve your quality of life.
Principles and Practice of Public Health in Africa. Volume 1 Edited by G.O. Sofoluwe
The first principle of public health practice is defined as the identification of the root cause or causes of all health problems, from the diseased individual to the effects on that individual of family, social, community, national, global, environment and other factors. The second principle is defined as the utilisation of the resources of the community, the nation and the world to effect a lasting and, often, a cheaper solution to health problems. This comprehensively revised and updated edition of the first volume provides a ready source for principles and practice, and more practical advice than the first edition which did not fully cover all the aspects of a comprehensive public health practice. The contributors are all practitioners, and the emphasis throughout is to bring out the principles involved in identifying the root causes of all types of health problems, and discovering practical and innovatory solutions for them in ways best suited to African countries.
Reversing Back Pain: Doctor's Guide to a Healthy Back By Dr. Yatish Agarwal
Reversing Back Pain is the only back care book you will ever need. Whether you are choosing preventive exercises, recovering from a slipped disc or considering professional help, this is as good a personal guide you can ever get. The book covers: Little secrets on how your back is structured and how it works How to prevent back pain When to seek medical help How to plan and understand an effective recovery roadmap Which exercises help reversing back pain, and which ensure a lifetime of healthy back How to cope with back problems during and after pregnancy Safe medications, treatment options and quick home remedies The wrong and the right of posture, poise, footwear, chair and bed selection, travel and working environment The misery of back pain affects 85 per cent of us at some time in our lives. Two of India's highly distinguished doctors have teamed together to help you avoid the problem and ensure a lifetime of pain-free, supple, and a healthy back.
Speaking of Skin Care: Your Health Guide By Parvesh Handa
“Skin Care” gives practical advice for luminous skin which defies age and the pressure of a hectic lifestyle. This book teaches you how to avoid and treat skin disease and Offers terrific tips for healthy, glowing skin. By simply taking care of your skin which, exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, day and night, needs constant attention. It also tells you how to avoid, control and treat skin diseases. I would welcome suggestions for the improvement of this volume.
Speaking of Yoga for Health By Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences
Yoga is an ancient discipline that improves the vitality of the regular practitioner. It is also a therapeutic system, which helps in regulating the production of various enzymes and hormones. It corrects the function of vital organs and strengthens the nervous system and muscles. It has a relaxing effect on the practitioner. In combination with nature cure, it can become a useful healing process
The HEALING RADIANCE OF THE SOUL: A guide to Holistic Healing By Anselm Adodo
The Healing Radiance if the Soul goes a step further beyond the use of herbs to the exploration of the totality of nature towards healing process. This exploration has taken the author to the realms of cosmology and the life power in the stars, accessing the sciences of power and energy, modern technology, the untapped forces of the spiritual power in the human person, with some analysis of human and animal bio-contents. The set goal is holistic healing through all the available elements in the cosmos: Spiritual power, mind energy, cosmic forces and their waves and rays, animals and vegetable potency, without leaving out the dust of the earth to which all flesh shall finally return like the flowing ‘River of Life’ at the close of the book.
EMDEX Vol. 1 (Drug Information for Healthcare Professionals) | 2018 – 2019 Edition
EMDEX 2018 vol.1 (Drug Information for Healthcare Professionals) – Completely revised and updated with over 5000 registered pharmaceuticals and allied products.

First published in 1991 as Nigeria’s Essential Drug Guide (NED Guide), EMDEX has remained Nigeria’s trusted source for drug and therapeutic information to date. EMDEX is the acronym for Essential Medicines InDEX. Based on both WHO Model Formulary and Nigeria’s Essential Drug List, EMDEX is unique to Nigeria as it also details mainly the pharmaceuticals and allied products approved for use in Nigeria.
Nature Power: A Christian Approach to Herbal Medicine By Anselm Adodo
When Nature Power was first published twelve years ago, the practice of herbal medicine in Nigeria and in most parts of Africa was identified with witchcraft, sorcery, ritualism, and all sorts of fetish practices. Because herbal medicine was associated with paganism, African Christians secretly patronize traditional healers, and the educated elite and religious figures did not want to be associated in any way with traditional African medicine. Nature Power, like a lonely voice in a wilderness, was written to correct the misconception that African herbal medicine is synonymous with paganism, ritualism, and fetishism. Since its publication, Nature Power has been reprinted more than eight times. It has contributed immensely in changing the attitudes of both the government and Christians toward the practice of herbal medicine. Nature Power has also helped show that health is more than an absence of disease. Health is wholeness of mind, soul, and body. Much of the information in this book is age-old secrets, which herbalists keep close to their chests. I have made them available here so that humanity may profit from them.

Herbal Medicine and the Revival of African Civilization By Anselm Adodo
The aim of this book is to show that Herbal medicine is a key part of African civilization and is necessary to the economic, social and cultural recovery of Africa…. For every sickness, there is a plant somewhere in the garden to cure it. Somewhere in the African garden is a plant for the cure of cancer. Somewhere in the African garden is a plant for the cure of diabetes, or hypertension, or malaria. Medicine, whether orthodox or alternative, started in the bush. Many human beings came from plant sources. And I believe that the best is yet to come. Right there in the African bush, the dead bone shall rise, men and women of wisdom, of vision, and of knowledge shall rise and change the face of the earth.  …Civilization started in Africa. Africa is the home of humanity. Africa is not the third world. Africa is the first world.
The Easier Approach to Pharamacology For All Health Professionals By R.OMustapha
 This book covers approach to Pharmacology for all health professionals. It is very detailed and good quality. Recommended for medical students.
Herbs for Healings By Anselm Adodo
It is a well-known fact that things are generally hard. We are experiencing difficult times. Most people cannot afford three square meals daily, yet many basic bills must be settled mostly that which pertains to life-medical, for it is often said that “Health is Wealth”. But the matter of poor health is daily becoming alarming and a matter of serious concerns. Death rate is high but I believe it is due to ignorance of what herbs around us can do for us. It is part of our efforts to sustain this precious gift of God to us, that this book is published, so as to know some basic things to do about poor health.
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