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The Politics of Wole Soyinka By Tunde Adeniran
The first edition of THE POLITICS OF WOLE SOYINKA was published specifically as a preliminary study to commemorate the 60th birthday of the Nobel Laureate. It has now been updated to mark his 80th birthday. The book blends some psycho-analytic techniques with deductive analysis and practical observations to bring to the reader a perspective on the motivation, content and form of Soyinka's direct and indirect involvement in politics at home and abroad. Students of various disciplines – especially psychology, political science and literature – will find this book most invaluable. It also contains a lot of fascinating information and insight for the general public.
"African states appears to be under the spell of insecurity and underdevelopment due to the scourge of conflict, compounded by increasing political disorder, economic downturns and dysfunctional socio-cultural and political structures in the face of global transformation and compelling demands to meet the challenges of change. The trajectory shows that poverty, retrogressive governance, underutilized and mismanaged resource endowment, the phenomena crises, violence and terror continue to characterize many of the states while external relations have not been coherent and reconciled to the advantage of the African states. This book proffers critical solutions to the lingering problems and the policy opinions to shape and secure Africa's future in the global arena. It is an explicatory tour, an incisive strategic analysis of the world's political outlook and Africa's security imperatives to bring about sustainable peace, meaningful democracy, justice, equitable development and advantageous global presence in a world of unsettling scenarios. Being a comprehensive overview of the factors that matter in the 21st century regarding governance, conflict and peace development in Africa and the region's role in world politics, it is mandatory reading for anyone concerned about the future of Africa in a rapidly changing world."
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