Introduction to Nigerian Legal System By John Asein

An improvement on the first edition, this second edition also follows the syllabus for the course as approved by the National Universities Commission and the Council of Legal Education. Although the main target reader is the law student that is studying Nigerian Legal System as a taught course, the text is equally useful for the non-law student who needs a general introduction to Nigerian legal system. The detailed treatment of the Legal Profession serves the need of students in the Nigerian Law School, the practitioner and all those who may want to know more about the dynamics of the legal profession in Nigeria. By and large, there is something of interest for every one, including the general reader. With over 700 referenced cases, it is a compendious reference material and a useful starting point for any research into aspects of Nigerian law.

The topics covered include: The Idea of a Legal System; Meaning of Law and Classification of Law; The Constitution as a Source of Law; Law making procedure; Rules of Statutory/Constitutional Interpretations; The Doctrine of Precedent; English Law; Customary Law; Internal Conflict of Laws; History of the Judicial System; The Judicature Today; Control of Inferior Courts and Tribunals; Independence of the Judiciary; Inferior Courts and Tribunals; Juvenile Courts; Tribunals Special Courts and Courts Martial; The Public Complaints Commission; The Legal Profession; The Rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria; Office of Notary Public; Professional Etiquette; Outline of Civil and Criminal Procedure; Legal Aid and Advice; as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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