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Trade and Investments in Nigeria: Legal and Regulatory Aspects
Trade & Investments In Nigeria: Legal & Regulatory Aspects” is a 435 page book that provides an insight into many legal and regulatory issues in business such as legislative requirements for doing business in Nigeria, tax management/efficiency, immigration, labour relations, banking and financial services, corporate governance, oil and gas, maritime and incentives for doing business in Nigeria. The book provides an insight into the regulatory issues which a prospective investor must take into cognizance before embarking upon a commercial venture.

“...this work which covers many areas of the technical aspect of business law has been written in a logical manner, using simple language, thus making it easily understandable even for non-legal minds. It has outlined solutions to the many challenges associated with legal and regulatory frameworks in the field of commerce and investing in Nigeria economy"…….. Mr. Olusegun Olutoyin Aganga, in foreword to the book."

SAGAY: Nigerian Law Of Contract.

In the first edition of this book, one of the objectives of the author was that it would enable Nigerian students and legal practitioners to rely substantially on Nigerian case law in contacts, supplemented by cases from English and other Commonwealth of Nations countries’ courts. The author had in that edition fully woven the Nigerian judicial pronouncements in the law of contract into the fabric of the text. Thus, the basic common law principles of the law of contract were fully discussed, explained and illustrated by references to the rich collection of Nigerian cases and statutes.

In this edition, not only has the above practice been sustained, additionally, numerous Nigerian cases, decided since 1985 when the first edition was published – giving further elaboration and clarity to the basic common law principles – have been incorporated into the book. What is particularly significant about these new cases is that an overwhelming number of them emanate from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. This edition is therefore even more Nigerian than the first edition, without losing any of its universal common law flavour.

SagayProfessor I.E. Sagay, LL.B (Ife), LL.B., Ph.D. (Cantab.) Former Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Benin, S.A.N., Nigeria, is an established author and scholar and has conceived this book primarily as a work for law students, although the copious footnote references will be of great benefit to practitioners.

Current Issues and Problems in the working of Constitutional Democracy in Nigeria by Ben Nwabueze
Current Issues and Problems in the Workings of Constitutional Democracy in Nigeria is a compilation of the author’s reactions to some of the issues and problems of the workings of Nigeria’s constitutional Democracy. Professor Ben Nwabueze drawing from his abysmal wealth of experience in Constitutional Law has done justice to these issues. It includes issues on locus standing rule and the impact of its intimate connection with claims for declaratory relief, to inequality/justice & corruption, etc.

Written in a smooth flowing style, this book is an interesting must-read. It is invaluable to all stakeholders in the law profession, the lawmakers, law students, and the general public.
Federalism: Its Application in Africa as a Constitutional Device for Creating a Nation and Furthering Democracy By Ben Nwabueze
Federalism: Its Application in Africa as a Constitutional Device for Creating a Nation and Furthering Democracy by Professor Ben Nwabueze gives an account of the rise of federalism in Africa, its decline and the causes of the decline.

The book deals with the role of federalism in creating a nation. Also examined are the notions of quasi-federalism and the ‘federal idea’, and their application in Africa.

The book is crafted in a lucid smooth flowing style. It is a must-read for all policymakers, legislators, politicians, lawyers, and indeed the general public.

Company Law and Practice in Nigeria is a worthy roadmap in navigating the entire gamut of Nigerian Corporate law. It begins with a concise history of company law in Nigeria, examines the creation of companies, founding documents and contracts, corporate finance, officers, principles, corporate governance, filings, restructuring and taxation. It also captures and feeds readers on provisions of recent corporate legislations in Nigeria, namely the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2020.

Unlike its contemporaries, Company Law and Practice in Nigeria extensively expatiates on the application of Company Law in practice, through a repository of recent judicial decisions. In addition, Business Names and Incorporated Trustees are not left out, as the book conveys statutory stipulations and regulatory prescriptions concerning their creation and operation in Nigeria.

The authors who are knowledgeable in the sphere of corporate law and practice have presented a topical book and it is highly recommended for companies, corporate lawyers, in-house counsel, attorneys, corporate academics, law students and persons seeking clarification on any aspects of Nigerian Corporate Law and Practice.

The Nigerian Constitution Law By Eze Malemi

The Niigerian Constitutional Law (with Fundamental Rights) by Ese Malemi - Third Edition

This book is a thorough and comprehensive text on Nigerian constitutional law, the structure of the country, the powers and functions of the government, the rights and duties of individuals and the remedies for the constitutional acts.

The book has details chapters on the following topics:
Constitutional Concepts
General Provisions of the Nigerian Constitution
The powers of the Government and the political institutions
Parliament and its legislative process
Delegated Legislation
The fundamental Objectives and Directive principle of State Policy
Citizenship, the individual and the state.
Fundamental Rights
Tribunals and Right to Fair Hearing
Judicial Remediess for Unconstitutional Acts
Factors that Affect Judicial Reviews of Public Acts
Non Judicial Remedies for Unconstitutional Acts
Legal Aid and Advice in Nigeria
The public Service and Public Administration 
Suits Against Government, its servantand Agents.

The autobiography is a fantastic interesting narration of his journey through his life as a Professor of Constitutional Law, Activist, and a front line Patriot. Now in his 80s, he devoted his strong belief in Nigeria in volume 3 and titled it “My Life and Work in the Search for a New Better and United Nigeria”

The books are written in a smooth conversational style that arrests the reader until he gets to the last stage. Law Lecturers, Legislators, Government officials, Policymakers, Students of history and the general public will find the book very useful.
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria: An Appraisal By Patrick Edobor Igbinovia and Blessing A. Edobor-Igbinovia
This book’s merits however surpass its seeming weakness. It will also serve as a future guide to any amendment of the EFCC Act. It is a must read to scholars and students in social sciences, humanities and law, and everyone interested in moving the country forward in her campaign against corruption.
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The Nigerian Legal System By Obilade
Important development in the law and the expression of the legal profession in Nigeria has brought in recent years major changes to the structure of the courts and to the administration of justice. The Nigerian legal system has therefore been specially written to provide law students, and those in the law as it operates today within Nigeria. An experienced teacher of the law at the University of Lagos, the author has focused on those aspects of the law that are of the essence in providing students with a true explanation and understanding of how the law works. The book includes chapters on sources of law, the structure of the courts and the legal profession, together with a concise guide to both criminal and civil procedure. This book will prove to be required reading for every law student as well as an invaluable aid and source of information to those practising or teaching law in Nigeria
All Will Be Well is the life account of Professor Itsejuwa Sagay (SAN), an academic and legal luminary. The book details his early life, activities at the Universities of Ife and Benin and his legal practice years in Lagos as well as service to the nation. The author recounts his major experiences: his family background;educational attainments,notable at Government College Ughelli,University of Ife and Cambridge University.  
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