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Tales Out of School By Nwankwo
Bayo goes to secondary school and his first term experience a class rebellion and a challenge to the school football team. bayo's adventure continues
An African Night's Entertainment by Cyprian Ekwensi
A story of desire and vengeance, this book starts with the longing of a wealthy man called Shehu for a child of his own and continues with the obsessive search by Abu Bakir for revenge on Shehu for luring away the woman he was to marry. It ends with the murder of Shehu by his own son.
Akpan and the Smugglers By Uwemedimo
When his father was arrested for smuggling Akpan went all out to prove his the process he uncovered the smuggler's gang.
Eze Goes to College By Nzekwu and Crowder
When Eze wins a place at the college in Onitsha everyone hopes he will do well. Are his adventures and his progress through his college years fascinating?
The Dreamer Boy By Ada K. Agwu
joseph the Dreamer Boy is sold into slavery by his brothers. with time, he becomes a famous and powerful individual who saves not only his brothers who sold him but his people from starvation.
Twilight Tales by Akinsemoyin
Twilight is a collection of African folktales which range from misunderstanding English Language expression [seven at a blow ] that lead to mishaps to African Traditional beliefs in the supernatural [ the iroko tree ].
The Adventures of Souza By Kola Onadipe
The Adventures of Souza: A rascally village boy goes hunting, enrolls in a secret cult, meets a magician and engages in other adventures. What were his experiences?

The Late Kola Onadipe had a career both in education and business.

Sugar Girl By Kola Onadipe
Ralia is missing from home under mysterious and unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, sh goes through ordeals, one after the other: First in the hands of a wicked witch and then a hunter.

Will she survive these ordeals and return home...... and under what circumstances?

The Boy Slave By Kola Onadipe
The Boy Slave. Shettima was born near the edge of the Sahara in 1865. He was captured by slavers and sold into a strange new life.
The Return of The Boy Slave By Kola Onadipe
The Return of the Boy Slave: In Kola Onadipe's book, The Boy Slave, Shettima grows up in slavery. This is the story of how, having won his freedom, he uses it to fight against the slave traders.
One week One trouble By Anezi Okoro
Wilson tagbon goes off to secondary school and there falls into another trouble after another sometimes innocently but sometimes not
My Father's Daughter by Mabel Segun
My Fathers Daughter is a childhood memory of a little girl growing up in a Nigerian village where her strong and kind father was the clergyman.
Eze goes to school By Onuora Nzekwu
Eze Goes to School, co-authored by Onuora Nzekwu and Micheal Crowder remains one of those classical master pieces by pioneer African writers that may never outlive their relevance in the society.
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