Monitoring, Evaluation And Learning Processes In The Public Sectors: Spotlight on Lagos,Nigeria By Ekundayo, John M. O,Phd (Management); MNSE; R. Eng..

This treatise on emerging trends in Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning with specific focus on the public sector is timely as most economies of sub-national and national Governments are currently endangered through the ravaging Covid 19 pandemic and other socio - economic and political constraints cum challenges of this season. The dire need confronting Governments globally is getting value for money expended on programmes and projects. Hence, it is high time modern tools were deployed through effective and efficient practice of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) to monitor and measure results. This book, written by season professionals practising MEL in the public sector within the context of Lagos, Nigeria, squarely, succinctly and saliently espouse to students, scholars, professionals, top level management, political office holders, researchers, evaluators, etc. the crucial and core ingredients of MEL needed to be measured, mixed and matched to ensure and sustain value for money. This book is plainly and lucidly written for all to comprehend and apply the contents within any given context in the public or private sector particularly the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) which need the MEL content to thrive in dealing with partners and donors globally.
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