New Frontiers in AFRICAN MEDICINE by Anselm Adodo,OSB

    Today's herbal healers are no longer unlettered old men or women in the 'bush', nor the dreaded people associated with sorcery, witchcraft, or fetishism in the remote farmlands.
    Today's African healers are a new generation of literate men and women, versed in the western system of health but willing to use their skills to explore and develop and promote African Medicine. Among them are trained nurses, pharmacists, midwives, agriculturalists, and a host to other professionals. African medicine, long shunned by African governments, has become a force to reckon with global diplomacy. It is not surprising, therefore, that the leaders of the African Union [AU] have unanimously declared the next ten years as the decade of African Medicine.

    This is an era where African medicine can compete with 'orthodox, medicine in potency, packaging, and marketing. in this era, African medicines are so well-packaged that one may not spot the difference if placed side-by-side with orthodox medicines unless one reads the label.ths, is the era where African doctors will be able to prescribe African medicines in their hospitals. This is the era in which African medicine will win global recognition, just as Chinese medicine has.  
    The monks of the Ewu monastery are championing this era of African medial reanaissance.[From the introduction]
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