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Finding Francis By Damian Asabuhi
Sarah is being blackmailed by Francis. Just as Sarah seems to be within Francis's grasp, tragedy strikes.
FELICIA By Umelo, Rosina
Returning to her village following the Nigerian Civil War, Felicia refuses to disclose the tragic secret that has left her a broken woman. 126pp, UK. MACMILLAN EDUCATION.

1978 9780333253472 Paperback
ANGEL OF DEATH By Dlovu, Nandi
Zak Biko is a good looking, black South African born in Soweto, who has become famous for his prowess as an ace detective with the FBI in New York City. 124pp, UK. MACMILLAN EDUCATION.

1982 0333332555 Paperback

Driven out of his village by family feuds, Pule Nkgogang tries to start a new life in the city with Moradi, a girl from a wealthy family. He discovers that breaking with the past is harder to do than expected. 145pp, UK. MACMILLAN EDUCATION.

1981 0333325214 Paperback 
The love between Makalay and Yankuba is fiery and unpredictable. Yankuba has caught the attention of the unscrupulous village priest, who sees a way of making himself a very wealthy man. Can the two young people thwart Pa Adekali and manage to live their lives for better - or will they find matters turn out for worse? 153pp, UK. MACMILLAN EDUCATION.

1995 0333631056 Paperback

SWEET REVENGE By Ulojiofor, Victor A.
Ovie's girlfriend is killed when a building collapses in a storm. He resolves to avenge her death and get even with the building contractors. 137pp, UK. MACMILLAN EDUCATION.

1982 9780333344422 Paperback 
ANYTHING FOR MONEY By Babarinsa, Akinbolu
Justice Kadara is rich and powerful, but he has a shameful secret. 124pp, UK. MACMILLAN EDUCATION.

1986 0333366883 Paperback
For Mbatha and Rabeka By Maillu, David G
Country-bred Mbatha and Rabeka are childhood sweethearts and seemed destined for each other. Illness takes Rabeka to hospital in Nairobi, and while she is recuperating she meets the sophisticated Mawa with dramatic consequences for all of them. 149pp, UK.
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