Alternative Dispute Resolution – What it is and How it Works By Rao

    Contents: Preface. 1. International arbitration: position in India and in U.K./A.M. Ahmadi. 2. International arbitration/J.S. Verma. 3. Alternatives to litigation in India/P.C. Rao. 4. The arbitration and conciliation act, 1996: the context/P.C. Rao. 5. Arbitration and ADR in India/F.S. Nariman. 6. Arbitration versus litigation/Milon K. Banerji. 7. The new law of arbitration and conciliation in India/A.C.C. Unni. 8. Alternate Dispute Resolution/K. Jayachandra Reddy. 9. ADR: is conciliation the best choice?/Sarvesh Chandra. 10. Settlement of disputes through Lok Adalat is one of the effective Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) on statutory basis/K. Ramaswamy. 11. Need for more ADR centres and training for lawyers and personnel/M. Jagannadha Rao. 12. The American experience in the field of ADR/Dana H. Freyer. 13. Dispute resolution within and outside the courts -- an overview of the U.S. experience/Frank E.A. Sander. 14. International mediation -- the U.K. experience/Karl Mackie and Edward Lightburn. 15. Matching disputes to dispute resolution processes--the Australian context/Tania Sourdin. 16. Mediation and arbitration as alternative methods of dispute resolution in Sri Lanka/Dhara Wijayatilake. 17. Dispute resolution in Hong Kong/Peter S. Caldwell. 18. Alternative dispute resolution in New Zealand/T.W.H. Kennedy-Grant. 19. Mediation outline -- a practical how-to guide for mediators and attorneys/Tom Arnold. 20. Twenty common errors in mediation advocacy -- in no particular order/Tom Arnold. 21. Disputes among business partners should be mediated or arbitrated, not litigated/William Sheffield. 22. The obligation of secrecy in mediation/P.M. Bakshi. 23. The mini-trial/Tom Arnold. 24. Fast-track arbitration/A.K. Bansal. 25. ADR in the construction industry/P.M. Bakshi. 26. Fitting the forum to the fuss: a user-friendly guide to selecting an ADR procedure/Frank E.A. Sander and Stephen B. Goldberg. Appendices: 1. The arbitration and conciliation act, 1996. 2. The ICADR arbitration rules, 1996. 3. The ICADR conciliation rules, 1996. Subject index. About ICADR. Dispute-resolution procedures offered.
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