Textbook on Pleadings, Drafting and Conveyancing By Kafaltiya

The purpose of this "Practical Exercise Book" is to give a general idea to LL.B students about the art of Pleading and Conveyancing. It covers their course content on the subject. The object of pleading is to give a fair notice of the case of one party which has to be met by the other so that the contesting parties may direct their evidence to the issues disclosed by the pleadings. A practical lawyer needs the latest techniques of pleadings of suits, petitions, applications, writs etc. Similarly, drafting of the transfer of property rights has a target to avoid future disputes between the parties to the transaction. The function of pleading is not simply for the benefit of the parties but also for the assistance of the Court as a pleading defines the area of conflict within which a party to an action is bound to confine its claim or defence. Drafting a pleading for suits or applications is laying a foundation upon which the whole structure of claim or written statement of the defendant is built, or the defence is made. Drafting of pleadings is therefore an important work of a busy lawyer. A plaint or a written Statement is called pleadings. But it covers several interlocutory applications too. Conveyance means drafting of a transaction relating to some interest, right, estate in a property viz., possession, enjoyment of disposition etc. Drafting of a conveyance; i.e., drafting a transaction relating to creation, extinguishments, and declaration, or conferment of some right or obligation and limitation in a property right between two or more living persons including a "Will" requires certain formalities to make it a legal instrument. "Instrument" includes every document by which any right or liability is, or purports to be, created, transferred, limited, extended, extinguished or recorded. A fine legal instrument, therefore, is supposed to avoid future litigation and to solve legal problems that may arise in future under it. A lawyer should have a vision towards this
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