Restoring Good Governance in Nigeria Volume 1 and 2: The Civil Service Pathway By Goke Adegoroye

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In this two-volume compendium, Goke Adegoroye draws from his wealth of experience in governance and public service to deliver invaluable insights on the civil service and its crucial role in governance in Nigeria. A seasoned academic and civil servant, Adegoroye chronicles the history of civil service, from its origins in Imperial China to its establishment in Nigeria in the colonial era.

This book is a keen examination of the current state of the Nigerian civil service in sharp contrast to its glory days, and the factors responsible. Stressing the importance of the civil service as fundamental to good governance, Adegoroye discusses civil service ethics and core values, the failings of human resources management in the civil service, the structure and size of Nigeria’s federal government compared with other nations, political will to implement and sustain public reforms, amongst other topics. Adegoroye also provides discerning recommendations on how sustainable transformation in Nigerian public service and governance can be achieved.

Restoring Good Governance in Nigeria is a timely addition to the body of knowledge on public service in general and the Nigerian civil service in particular. It is an important book for every Nigerian public servant and citizen.

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