The World`s greatest Speeches

    A Collection of some of the most famous and motivational speeches from around the world.
    This anthology gives an insight into the minds of great leaders and personalities and documents the way they changed the course of history with their inspirational and motivational speeches. These speeches have not only influenced the people of their times but also today’s generation. The speeches are of particular significance in the present world of violence, turmoil and injustice. It is hoped that this selection of the world’s greatest speeches will prompt the reader to pause awhile and ponder on their timeless relevance and significance.
    Contents• Attlee, Clement R • Blair, Tony • Burke, Edmund • Bush, George W • Carter, James Earl • Chamberlain, Neville • Clinton, William Jefferson • Daladier, Edouard • Douglass, Frederick • Eisenhower, Dwight D • Faulkner, William • Ford, Gerald R • Gandhi, Indira • Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand • Garibaldi, Giuseppe • Gates, Bill • Gaulle, Charles de • Gorbachev, Mikhail • Hitler, Adolf • Javier, Perez de Cuellar` • Jefferson, Thomas • Johnson, Lyndon B • Kennedy, Edward • Kennedy, John F • Kennedy, Robert F • King, Jr, Rev. Martin Luther • Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich • Lincoln, Abraham • Mandela, Nelson • Marx, Karl • Monroe, James • Napolean-I [Bonaparte] • Nehru, Jawaharlal • Nixon, Richard • Patton, General George S • Paul II, Pope John • Prasad, Rajendra • Radhakrishnan, Dr Sarvepalli • Rahman, Sheikh Mujibur • Rao, P V Narasimha • Roosevelt, Franklin D • Socrates • Teresa, Mother • Tito, Marshall Josip Broz • Truman, Harry S • Twain, Mark • Vajpayee, Atal Behari • Vivekananda, Swami • Washington, George • Wilson, Woodrow.
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