The aim of the textbook is to get students talking in Yoruba. Every lesson in the book is based on dialogues, and the book is NOT a reader but a vehicle to stimulate learners to speak. It has a three-fold function. It gives the teacher an outline for each lesson, which he/she will present orally in class. The book is intended to be used mainly after the class to consolidate and clarify what has been done orally in class, to provide supplementary material and to give the oral lessons a visual complement.
The textbook is useful for a learner who needs some basic exposure to spoken Yoruba. There are lots of mechanical patterned drills that will help learners to master a particular grammar point. The dialogues are usually out of context and not based on any real-life situations. The text is good for learning simple grammatical expressions but not for culturally appropriate expressions. The lessons are not based on any one theme. It is very difficult to navigate through the book because the table of content does not indicate what the content of the book is. There is no index to help learners find the grammar points that are presented in the book. No activity to help learners relate what they have learned to their personal lives. Drills are good for learning basic vocabulary.
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